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Are you thinking about transitioning from scuba diving being a hobby to making it a career? Are you trying to decide whether becoming a PADI Divemaste..
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Experienced instructors hear many of the same questions time and time again from student divers. If you are having any of the same concerns or are won..
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Are you dreaming of life as a scuba diving instructor? Are you imagining yourself on a tropical island scuba diving and meeting people from all around..
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 Are you a scuba diver looking for a new challenge? Or maybe you’re wanting to explore underwater places deeper than 30 meters or that nobody has ever..
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Sure, becoming a PADI Pro can bring paychecks in paradise, but it also opens the door to so much more. Here’s what else you can gain. 7. Find Out What..
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If you’re a PADI divemaster who wants to take your career to the next level, doing a PADI IDC Internship is the way to go. This program of..
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Divers can start tackling marine debris online via the new and improved Dive Against Debris eLearning course. The heart of the PADI AWARE™ marine debr..
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Deciding to become a professional scuba diver, or a PADI Pro, is one of the most exciting choices you could ever make – but it’s a big commitment, too..
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There’s a lot more to being a PADI Instructor than being a great diver (but of course that helps). A good instructor is also: an engaging public speak..
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